Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good Morning. This is my very first blog...I am so excited. 

First, let me tell you all a little about myself. My name is Scarlet Hunter and I am an avid reader and published author of paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy romance. I have two ebooks published and one under contract to be released this summer. 

You may find my latest book release information on my website as well as video trailers for each ebook. Stop by and visit as often as you like. *smiles*

Here are my two recent Ebooks available now at Red Rose Publishing

Fairies, and demons are running wild, are you ready to experience the Dust of Darkness?
Raina was a fairy whose destiny it was to venture out from their fairyland, Tulatopia into the human world while it lay in its dominate state to reawaken it by restoring it to life and beauty.
Evil lurks beyond the boundaries of Tulatopia. While awakening the spring foliage and flowers, she encountered the one that her kind feared above all others! A Watcher. She must find the power within her to flee from the demon or risk him capturing her in more ways than she anticipated.

Sarkis, one of the most sinful fiends of his master, Lucifer, had been stripped from his mortal human life. Possessed with an inner demon to aid in the corruption of the human race, he is no longer human.  The demon in him comes to life. The only thing standing in his master’s way was one species, Fairies. Sarkis’ mission focused on two things, corrupting human souls, and the extinction of all fairies.
While hunting his next human victim he encountered the other. Yet when he gazed upon the exquisite female, he and his demon craved more than just the blood running through her veins.
Could she be the one to change the course of his destiny?

Olivia thought her life was over when her father promised her in marriage to someone twenty years her senior. Who would have thought her savior would come in the form of a dark guardian of the night. Remus, a vampire, her love?

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