Thursday, November 8, 2012

Something Different...

By RP World Group

Blood Bond Chapter 1, the Nocterm Aeternam series on the Nocterm Guard is an adult graphic novel presented by RP World Group. This is definitely something different in publishing. It combines the storytelling experience with the publishing experience and creates something a bit outside the book or post if you will.

The story Blood Bond is presented in a storytelling format. Each character ‘speaks’ from their prospective, not unlike a play. But instead of the actors/actresses speaking their parts it’s written. Yet still presented in a reader friendly format that anyone can follow. Give it shot. You won’t be sorry.

We own the eternal night.

The wind howled outside the walls of the Fortress echoing throughout the Bay Area like a wild creature heralding change. After the brutal assassination of his parents a new King of the Vampire race has been crowned and King Kelt Ignis' first concern is the disappearances of not just the humans he’s sworn to protect, but vampires now too. Luther, the demi-demon God, hates them all and must be behind it. Over the centuries he’s taken humans and turned them into his minions, little better than zombies to destroy the vampires. So the vampires continue to guard the night, fighting Luther’s minions and King Kelt searches for answers. And while the Ancients, the oldest among the vampires bicker over who’s really behind the kidnappings, and the priorities of the race, Luther continues to experiment and his army continues to grow.

The only way to get to the bottom of things is for the Vamps to reach out to the Weres the other most powerful creatures ruling the night. For Weres have gone missing now too. There has been an uneasy truce between the Vamps and Weres for a thousand years, both sides evenly matched have kept things that way. But the king of the Weres hates the blood drinkers and even if Luther were behind the kidnappings would still find a way to blame the Vamps. Luther is half-vampire. Yet Kelt has no choice but to convince the Weres they must put old hatreds aside and become allies.  He must send his own to venture into the Were Sanctum. There is unrest among the Weres, not all want war between the Nocterms and he hopes this will help his cause. Kelt now has proof Luther is experimenting and those experiments have been successful. He is creating a race of demon-possessed vampires, VEMS that are stronger and harder to kill than minions and maybe has found the right formula to turn Weres and others too. He must be stopped, all of the races are at risk.


                                 King Kelt                                          Luther
                                           (King of the Vampire race)                       (The Vampire and Were's common enemy)

Nocterm Aeternam

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