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Guest Author...LaVerne Thompson

Hello nice to see you again. First off, congratulations on your first self publication, Dragon's Heart. How did you come up with the idea for the story? Have you always wanted to write about dragons?

Hi Scar - Thank you for hosting me on your site.LOL. Yes. I've always loved dragons. Come on the idea of a fire breathing beast what 's not to love. LOL. Seriously read pretty much all the dragon classics and some more recent works on dragons, but for me there was always something missing. I didn't just want to have a dragon friend, I wanted to be a dragon that's how the world of the brethren began. My world tells the story of the dragons they came to be here and how it is there came to be dragon shifters on earth who could shift between dragon and human forms at will.

Wow. That is fascinating. I must admit, I have read this story and for all you Dragon lovers out there and those who aren't WILL be after you get your hands on this book. 

Tell us a little about Journey of the Ice Princess. I have read this story too and I must say I am a HUGE fan of Arch *blushes*

Yes that fire demon is one of my favorites and no matter where he is he tends to bring the heat. I thought he was the perfect foil for my heroine, Ice. I wanted to tell a story about a woman that was an ice princess in the literal sense. Ice chips flows through her veins. She loves the cold and was untouchable because she was an ice elemental and her skin gave off waves of cold instead of heat. I figured someone like that if she roamed around warm bloodied people would be lonely and truly untouchable. But I added another element in that she was the last of her kind, she believes, because her world was destroyed. So she searched the world for a place to belong for the touch of another. Enter her exact opposite, a demon, a fire elemental. They should have nothing in common in fact should cancel each other out. They don't.

*giggles* I know!!! I know!!! That is why he is sooo HAWT! 
How many ongoing projects do you have? How in the world do you find the time to keep up with them all?

I usually have at least 3 writing projects in various states. I just finished something I co-wrote with a friend and new author that was accepted by Horny Devil Publishing, Dark Mist so that should be out in the next few months. The active projects are book 2 for my Brethren Series, and my Children of the Sea series. But I'm also working on something under my pen name, Ursula Sinclair, a romantic suspense. I don't sleep that's pretty much how. lol

Ummm, yeah. I can see that. *laughs*
Would you care to share an excerpt from any of your WIPs or current books?

Oh here's something from Dragon's Blood, Talon's story. It's raw.

The bright silver light glowing from the center of Window Rock seemed even brighter against the otherwise black background, like power was still building and thunder echoed from its center. The air drifted ripe with the scent of an electric charge, but nothing could be seen except the light. When they got nearer they noticed a shadow move on one side of the stone arch. Yet neither could sense any one or anything, as though the power generating from the portal dulled some of their senses.
Lightening gathered overhead then struck the empty space within the Window causing the structure to glow even more so for a moment it looked like daylight. Darryl released his wife’s hand and reached into his jacket, pulling out the Beretta semi-auto he carried. He could command great amounts of powerful magicks, but sometimes something else was called for. Stay behind me.

Oh. Well now I want more...hahaha. *rubs hands together* Can't wait for this next book to come out. Thanks for sharing. 

What advice would you give to struggling writers?

Don't stop. Keep writing.

What are some things people/fans may not know about you that you would like to share?

Hmmm...I'm hooked on the show Scandal. lol

hahahaha I've been watching that, too. It's hard not too once you get hooked. 

Tell me:

One favorite book: Pride and Prejudice
One movie: Pitch Black
One color: Blue
One smell: the scent of rain
One moment in time: When the stick turned pink.

Awww. I love your last answer. *grins*

I want to thank LaVerne for being my guest today.

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Can you hear the Dragon's roar?


Over a thousand years ago Draakar was forced to leave Earth, now he has no choice but to return. The dragon lord, whose world teeters on the brink of destruction, must find his truemate. The one woman with the power and love fated to save them all. The woman he left behind.

Maya Trent was abandoned on Earth, apparently human but so much more and unaware of her duel heritage. Once Draakar awakens her dragon within all she wants to do is kill him. Yet they must work together to save mankind as well as the brethren. But first Draakar has to convince her that the truemate bond between them is real, as is his love for her. She just has to believe in him. 

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Interracial
Publisher: Isisindc Publishing 

Available at:
Click here to get a copy in paperback

What happens when fire meets ice?


Ice had traveled the realms for centuries searching for the ice elementals, others of her kind but she was alone always alone. Never staying one place for long because sooner or later her mere presence caused the temperature of the land to drop to a killing freeze. Until she found the one place her powers had no effect. And perhaps the one being who could counter her freeze.

Running from a destiny not of his own choosing, Arch finally found the one person who could make him stop running. But Ice must never learn the truth. A fire demon destroyed her world and he was his father’s son. 

Genre: Graphic Adult Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Multicultural
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Available at:

About LaVerne Thompson:

LaVerne Thompson is an award winning, best-selling, multi-published author, an avid reader and a writer of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi sensual romances. She also writes romantic suspense under the pen name Ursula Sinclair.

She is currently working on several projects. She has a daughter in her first year of college and a senior in highschool, so technically she has more time to write. Visit her website at to read excerpts of her books. She also writes for an interactive storytelling website and can be found online at as herself.



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  2. Hey LaVerne! As always wonderful interview. I alwasy get caught up in your worlds and characters. Can't wait for your other projects. :)

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